Micah + Amanda

Micah + Amanda are one of those couples whose love seems odd to the world, but once you see it through the lens of their hearts, it couldn’t be more right. I knew each of them separately, but once I stumbled upon them talking and laughing in a pile of leaves during our college ministry’s fall retreat I quickly realized there was something beautifully simplistic about their friendship.  Something that was just, right. Natural, if you will.  Sure enough a few weeks later they began dating, and are now celebrating six months of laughter, tenderness, spontaneity, and love.

[And because I adored this shoot, a place selected by Amanda that had whimsical trees and beautiful sunlight, this is only part one of two blogs (just wait till you see how a butterfly kept loving on Amanda in the sunlight.) ]













One thought on “Micah + Amanda

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics. Thanks for capturing their sweetness and joy in each other.

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